An Ocean Full Of The World's Religious Literature

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The Arabic Hidden WordsO Son of Spirit!An excerpt from The Hidden Words.

For most of my quotes, I use Ocean ~ Free Library of World's Religious Literature. Previously, I had it linked, but when I click on the former Web site, an error message keeps coming up.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2013: Chad Jones, the person who created Ocean, recently said he had some technical issues with Ocean's latest release, so perhaps that is why the Web site is down the last time I checked. If you know if there is a new Web site or if Chad's Web site is back up, please contact me.

UPDATE DEC. 30, 2013: It appears that Chad's Web site is back online.

"Ocean is a collection of literature from many of the great religions of the world ~ managed by a unique literature-specific search engine," it states on the Web site's front page. "The English library contains over 1,000 books of 10 world religions as well as collections in six other languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, and Portuguese)."

The reason I use it the most is because when I copy an excerpt, the copied text also includes the page number and source from which it was copied, which helps in terms of accurately citing the correct source.

Baha'i writings excerptsThe Time Fore-Ordained"The promises of God, as recorded in the holy Scriptures, have all been fulfilled. ~ Bahá'u'lláh Ocean is also free, but I noticed that the last several times I've checked, the developer has disabled the downloads until some issues with Ocean are resolved.

In addition to Ocean is Sifter ~ a fabulous development.

"Sifter was a creative approach to provide full-text search across the fourteen thousand pages of 'Star of the West'," states Chad Jones, the developer of each, on Ocean's Web site. "The print simply did not OCR well and we did not have an army of typists so search was very difficult.

"Sifter provides search by looking past common OCR errors ('sifting') in order to find the passage you are after ~ and then it returns the raw text as well as the image of the original page."

Ingenuity at its most inspirational! Quite impressive.

"Besides this interesting technology, 'Sifter ~ Star of the West' was the first complete reprinting of 'Star of the West' since its original publication. (The 1979 GR reprint contained roughly half the material found in Sifter.)

"For many years, while pioneering in India, I was selling Sifter to help fund the development of Ocean. Now, however, my wife tells me that I should give it away free. Below is a download link as well as the great introductory essay from Duane Troxel ~ since it serves as an excellent introduction to 'Star of the West' in general'."

The official Bahá'í International Community library online is the Bahá'í Reference Library.

There is also Interfaith Explorer that is published by Bahá'í Research.

Both of those libraries are also free to access and use.

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